I need to know if she is attracted to me or is it just being friendly?

Ok I've only met this girl twice. the first time we had a good conversation and I even dance with her at the bar I ask for her number and she gave it... Show More

So say that a kiss on the cheek means that she is just being friendly
Giving you an update... Saw her last Thursday and we still have physical contact (getting close to her, she let me hold her by the waist, she pull my hair in a friendly way lol, got a little lap dance in vip)

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  • i think she's definitely attracted to you, especially with the physical contact and the handing out of her number - THE RIGHT number lol. you're fine, keep flirting :)

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    • Thank you! I over analyze somtimes. lol

    • it's okay, happens to the best of us lol :)

    • thanks for the best answer and good luck :)