I need to know if she is attracted to me or is it just being friendly?

Ok I've only met this girl twice. the first time we had a good conversation and I even dance with her at the bar I ask for her number and she gave it to me right there. the second time she saw me and gave me a hug and a kiss on a cheek. I need to know if she is attracted to me or is it just being friendly?

So say that a kiss on the cheek means that she is just being friendly
Giving you an update... Saw her last Thursday and we still have physical contact (getting close to her, she let me hold her by the waist, she pull my hair in a friendly way lol, got a little lap dance in vip)


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  • i think she's definitely attracted to you, especially with the physical contact and the handing out of her number - THE RIGHT number lol. you're fine, keep flirting :)

    • Thank you! I over analyze somtimes. lol

    • it's okay, happens to the best of us lol :)

    • thanks for the best answer and good luck :)

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  • shes probably attracted to you to some extent because girls are never THAT friendly.. but its only been twice youve seen her.. I don't think you should jump to conclusions yet. just wait and maybe something more obvious will happen

  • Girls don't give their numbers to guys they really don't find attracitve, even as a friend. She has to be attracted enough to dance/touch/kiss you. However, her feelings towards you are up in the air since we don't know much else about your relationship and since you've only seen her 2x. If it's always in a loud bar with drinking/dancing, you might want to ask her to something other than that, like dinner so you can actually get to know her in a more realistic setting! From my experience, you need to see who a person is outside of a bar to know the real them since it can be completely different. Good luck!

    • I need to make sure before I make any plans with her

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    • lol never that. I was going to call her and ask her.

    • Ok great! I'm sure she'll accept and you'll have a nice time :)

  • yea I agree...you need to wait a few more times in meeting her to decide that :)

  • i think that she likes you and is just seeing how far you will let her go

  • She's defiantly attracted!

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  • If she wasn't attracted to you, you probably wouldn't have gotten her number. And you wouldn't have gotten the greeting you got on the second time you saw her. Ask her out. All she can say is no.

  • she likes ya