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How do you handle abrasive and intrusive people?

There's this woman at work who is very loud, abrasive, and intrusive... she always wants to be involved in every conversation...she's very loud. She... Show More

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  • Close the door, shut her out, ignore her, don't give her the time of day, only be nice to her when she's actually polite, she'' get the idea

    • i do but hte only problem is...the other co manager is easier on the employees ... so that's why she probably goes to him for help as her boss.

  • well sounds like you have a throat slitter on your hands...but that I mean a person who has no problem ripping you down,making you look bad and probably will do so as much as she can...a simple answer is to be honest with them...not rude just honest...talk to her about her actions and see what she has to say...if that is not sufficent then maybe you and your other managing coworker and this employee need to sit down and review her actions more closely and hash out something better in the name of office moral..that alone should make her open her eyes, staring her bosses in the face one on one ..and if she is sitting in your office waiting for your help and it makes you uncomfortable just tell her so..it ends up making your stress level rise...honesty is always the best policy in this situations

    • but that's the problem...my coworker who co-manages the department is one of those "people pleasers" who sugar coats things...but what that does is give them the subconscious confidence to continue doing so. She is teh way she is because he never does anything about it. Not her or anyone else. I mean why else would she just basically ask him if we changed the way we handle clients such as the one who complained...when since it involved me she didn't even bother asking me.

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