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What are the signs your boyfriend is bored of the sex?

What are the signs your boyfriend is bored of the sex? Do guys get bored with having sex with one girl if he's been going out with her for a long... Show More

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  • Have a long, searching talk about your fantasies. You'll have to be open minded--no freaking out. See what turns him on, and think about what your willing to attempt. If something suits you both, give it a whirl; nothing is hotter in a woman than high spirits.Also, there's always porn. It's around for a reason.

    • Lol did that with my boyfriend, he knows my fatnasies then surprised me by being bossy and treating me like a sex toy xD f***ing loved it!

    • Good for you!

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  • if he doesn't want it often

  • if he doesn't want it often.

  • haha that's great 'bubblegum candy'guys won't get bored of sex if they really love the girl, but it can get to predictivetry making it raunchy ask him how he likes being in you etcgo more passionate candles etcnew posistions, costumes, rolet playhaha the list is endless.Ill leave it to you : )

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  • I've never seen a guy get bored with sex. It can get old, if the same thing happens over and over again, though. Spice it up, maybe, with some toys, some cute outifts, maybe some edible body lotions, a sexy game of strip poker, etc. My favorite is to blinfold a guy. Everything feels different when he can't see you!

  • dont give him any for a while like a month, then when you do give him some use hand cuffs and cuff him to the bed, tease him and leave him there for a while, if he doesn't get free come back and let him out after like ten mintues, see where things go from there!

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