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What to do when you think someone stole your money?

I save some money up and keep it somewhere in my bookshelf. My dad got me a car and I offered to pay stuff. I told him about my saving money and that... Show More

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  • I useally accuse everyone but I always find out when they are telling the truth if they look at me eye to eye they are serious. If they kind of look away its usaelly that person who did it, but I think you should be straight up with your brother.Ask him if he took you money, of course he's going to deny it. After that tell your parents the situation and your postive he took it.Just make sure you didn't place it somewhere or did waste it.

    • Thank you. I will do that. I'm wondering, if it really is missing and I know I didn't spend it, if he denies it, but he's lying, I'm basically never going to get my money back?

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    • Never *did* my bad, that's when I had a job.

      He did once or twice but put it to good use so I didn't make a big deal about it.

    • Okay. That still sucks.. Thanks!

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  • I would just let them take it, and let them leave and never come back. Lets see how far they get with it.

  • Just ask him about it and see how he responds. Also you should get a bank account.

    • Yeah, I should. He denied it but it was obvious he was lying. Even my parents know. He was off talking about irrelevant stuff. I started asking if he went in my room, said he did for my game, that was wrong in the first place, I asked why my money was sprawled out.. for him to come look for it if he can't hand it over. When he got home, I made sure for him to see I was looking through my things. He shut himself out and left the house after I was done talking to him. I lose money but I know truth

    • Thank you.

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