Hot male teacher in a girls school?

I go to a girls school and this new teacher just got a job here. He's about 25 and he looks like a celebrity. Seriously though, lots of girls in my year described him as '' the best looking guy they'd ever seen'' .Anyway all of the girls in the school are going mad. And they all stare in the window of his classees with their faces pressed against the glass like stalkers, and shout stuff at him/ wolf whistle and stare and him. ha ha He pretends not to hear them, but he clearly does. Also everyone in my class came out onto the corridor to stare at him. I was wondering from a male perspective would you find this flattering or creepy, or would you be very uncomfortable? Apparently one of the other teachers said something to him like ''you're getting all the attention today'' and he said it's ''very embarrassing''. But it's still an ego boost all the same, no?

Most Helpful Guy

  • Is he the only guy teacher there ? That could be embarressing.

    • No. Just the only hot one. haha