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Hot male teacher in a girls school?

I go to a girls school and this new teacher just got a job here. He's about 25 and he looks like a celebrity. Seriously though, lots of girls in my... Show More

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  • Is he the only guy teacher there ? That could be embarressing.

    • No. Just the only hot one. haha


What Guys Said 4

  • I would think its a little ridiculous and funny. And in the back of my mind I would be thinking f*** my life its all jail bait :( Ha.

  • It is flattering but I would be uncomfortable with all the attention I would be getting (uncomfortable in a good way that is) because I am generally shy. But it depends on what kind of guy this guy is. It I an ego boost but when girls start following a guy around that's when it gets creepy.

  • Creepy/Flattering. I'd really wonder why they were so immature though. It definitely is an ego boost. I'm sure most guys would really be thinking how many of them he could bang (possibly at the same time). Me? I'd get an ego boost, but be disturbed too. Specially if I was a teacher and it was the students doing it.

What Girls Said 2

  • It definitely is an ego boost. But the people who hired him were completely irresponsible when they decided to hire him. How can you hire a young handsome teacher in an only girls school? Its like hiring a young hot lady in an only boys school.

    • Maybe the people who hired him didn't think he was handsome. And he probably got hired because he has the relevant qualifications.

  • Yeah it's an ego boost and sort of hilarious...Ahhhh...girls.:)

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