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Why did my ex move on so fast?

I ex fiance and I were together 2.5 years. Last week I found out he was talking with this girl and two days later we decided together that we were... Show More

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  • I just went through a break up seven months ago, similar situation but I almost asked her to marry me. My advice is each day you wake up, be sure to know that sometimes the people we love, we have to let go because holding on to them makes use miserable while they have a new love of their life. Don't live in the past, believe me when I say the past is hurtful.

    • Oh I agree and by no means am I trying or hoping we get back together. I just can't understand how in less then 8 hrs he is already in a relationship with her. Introducing her to friends and family. Makes me sick like I didn't even exist the past 2 years we lived together. I was at least hoping he was thinking about me. Like I am him that's why I'm not ready to start anything new at this point.

    • He probably did that because he felt unsecured about himself. He believes in order to feel like a "handsome person" he must follow the league of the "swingers club." Guys have a sense of redundant claim when it comes to dominance in the relationship world - luckily I was taught better but its a down fall since being a romantic leads to cheating relationships. He does think about you, believe me or take my word for the better part, but he thinks of you as a "thing" sad to say as the trophy from

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  • the past two years. He's an immature adult with a half-wit mind. In the end, he will be lonely and a single obstacle in the reality of life.

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  • I think he's lying and you were probably getting cheated on. No sane person would jump back into a relationship after just ending a 2 1/2 year long relationship with a FIANCE. After only a day of talking? Nah, that sounded quite right, I smell infidelity. Either that, or he's really stupid. lol

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