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Girl refuses to talk after calling out her dishonesty?

I met this girl and things were going great. We hung out a few times around her friends at the bars and talked really late into the night back at... Show More

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  • :( she handled that poorly...if she didn't want to go out with you she should have just been straight up about it...maybe she thought being indirect wouldn't hurt your feelings as much. but did you really think she'd apologize to you after you call her untrustworthy? saying that someone can't be trusted closes all the doors, imo. although I definitely don't think she acted properly, you did sort of attack her character...and I'm sure she does care. I don't think anyone would be able to brush off being called untrustworthy.

    • i didn't call her untrustworthy at first...i told her I was confused and felt as if she was being dishonest...hoping there was an explanation. no explanation was given so I assumed she had been lying to me...how could I be friends then? seemed like she was avoiding the fact she was mean and was being nice by offering a friendship. she probably did handle it poorly, I just didn't expect her to cut all communication so fast.

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    • i agree...never works out without mutual trust.

    • yeah, true. I guess its a good thing it worked out this way? I feel all I did was try to talk to her about this, which I thought was the sensible thing to do? maybe she has some problems or something else going on in her life...ill never know. oh well, ill meet someone else :) thanks!

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  • well I think you are over reacting, couple of dates doesn't mean she has to tell you the truth or whole story, I mean she should of said the truth if she could of hung out or made up something better, but o well. I wouldn't of pushed the dishonesty thing you are exclusive, and she probably got annoyed and said we can be friends. People lie or make up stuff for w/e reason to get out of doing things, she just got caught. she didn't treat you that poorly. You are kind of too nosy, its her business going out of town or not, she can't she can't. Take days she can hang out with you, until you are exclusive with her or serious at least close to it, its her business.

    • you are not exclusive*

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    • also exactly how did you ask about this "dishonesty" has to do with her reaction as well, when you catch people doing this say it in a manner that is not serious and blaming them for dishonesty because they can become defensive. and looking at someones fb and what they are doing is nosy.

    • tried calling and eventually messaged later. maybe that was a bad idea, should have talked in person. my tone probably came across completely wrong. I agree I had no idea what happened...that was why I was asking. thought I'd at least ask before walking away. too many things didn't seem to be adding up. thank you for your input, it is helpful :)

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  • lol you seem to think all people are actually good

    • so I will come across many terrible people like this?

    • probably. that's life

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