What questions do you girls like to be asked?

Like what questions do you like to be asked from your boyfriend or in general?

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  • Anything I wanna know about him lol... About his LIKES,DISLIKES so that I'm aware and I don't want to be so annoying girlfriend so I wanna know his sched so that I won't disturb him etc :) If he like Sports,adventures,and most of all... WHY he chose me of all those girls lol..im fond of asking those things because I know how it felt to be fooled around and dump of someone just bcoz of shallow reason and you know the feeling that you gave all the love but in the end he just took it for granted..so that's it need to be wise I guess :))

    • i know what you mean by putting your love out there and getting hurt in the end. it sucks. I hope everything goes well for you finding someone:)

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    • Ain't that the truth.those big jerks!lol I can tell you care about a real relationship and because of that I know you'll find someone who treats you the way you deserve to be treated.just hang in there:)

    • Heheh big jerks lol yeah in the right time and in God's will..Thank you :))