What are the best movies to watch with a girl?

What is the best movie to watch with a girl... Please list at least one in each category of movie. It would be greatly appreciated.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Dude, you asked like 7 questions in 13 minutes! I think you're trying to hard... Just be yourself. Don't be pretending something you are not. It's living a life of anxiety for you, how are you going to enjoy anything if you are so self conscious? Besides, I think it's just cruel to deceive a girl like that, pretending to be someone else.

    Enough of the preachy stuff. If you want a deep, meaningful relationship and you are just starting off, skip the whole movie thing. Movies don't allow you to talk and communicate with each other at a deeper level. Jump into some interesting discussion ("Why do girls need to play so much games?" "What is the thing you hate most about guys in general") to show that you are more than skin deep, and that you are for real. Be different.

    But if you insist with the movies, romantic comedy is THE best.