Why won't she respond to me?

i meet this girl at a party. everything was good, her and her friend invited me back to their room. we held hands, touched here and there, talked and all that good stuff. Her friend then wanted everyone to leave, and so I did. before I left I gave her a hug and asked for her number. She then said, just facebook me. I did just that the next day, and she rejected the friendship invitation. what's going on here?


Most Helpful Girl

  • sorry to burst your bubble but if she didn't want to give you her number in the first place and told you to just facebook her than I don't think she was really interested to begin with.

    sometimes (girls and guys I think), we start talking to anyone at a party (especially when alcohol is involved) and things end up somewhere and they didn't mean for it to happen and the only way not to upset you then and there is to say "facebook me", which is easier than saying "i'm not really interested and I don't want you to have my number.

    meanwhile, the previous poster could be right, she may not have recognised you.but I think you should just move on.sorry