High school girl dating a college guy?

I met this awesome guy who is actually friends with this boy I used to date (they go to the same school and actually lie in the same dorm!) We went to a party at his school together and he asked me out to go on a date after into boston with his friends, we have been texting quite a lot and I think I realllly like him. the only problem is that his school is a half hour away and he actually is from maine! which is like an hour away. would it even be worth it to try dating when I'm only going to be leaving for college next year anyways? and if we were to date, would it be hard to get together living far away?


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  • Well I can definately relate! I was a high school senior about to go off to college. (about 30 min away) and the girl I took to my senior prom with me started to like me, but at the time I didn't like her back so we didn't get together then, mainly because I didn't want to hurt her unnecessarily because I was going to college where I might meet someone even better suited for me. So as my first two years passed I tried a couple times and neither of them led to a coupledom-type relationship, but I ended up with two really great female friends! =) ...fast forward to about two months ago from today, and that same girl that liked me was now a senior in high school, and for a lack of a better way to put it, I had warmed up to the idea of dating her not because the other two didn't work, but because the girl had matured and grown so physically speaking I found her more attractive,and she also still liked me which to be honest I thought she would of moved on by now but I guess not lol.

    Anyway enough of my story I'm just telling you so you see how I can sort of relate. I'm about 15 min away from her and work about the same away from her too, so I think it'll work I just have to be a bit patient but persistent as one of my buddies told me that knows about it. So I think that it could work out for you two I just would keep in touch the way you both are and also plan some time that the two of you can physically be together when possible and see how things go from there. Be Patient and Persistant balance is key in this kind of thing I have found out. Good Luck!


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  • Yes it would be difficult.

    I wouldn't go out with him just yet finish school then worry about it.