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Does it mean anything when a guy randomly texts you this?

My ex-boyfriend just texted me 'Rawrrrrrr! :)'what's that supposed to mean?

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  • I'd say he's either;- drunk- high on some good sh*t- just having a laugh.- or he's really into bestialityWhy don't you text back something like "meow"

    • i'm pretty sure he's not drunk or high, but you never know...he's probably just being random or something.i texted him meow.. and he hasn't responded yet.

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    • When you're on some good sh*t you don't know what the f*** you're doing until the morning after

    • GHBs a bitch...

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What Guys Said 5

  • I'm gonna eat you...rawwwrrrrlll...!

  • Most likely just being random / joking around / bored and wanting to start a random conversation. I can see myself doing that.

  • He is simply trying to get a reaction out of you to start a conversation. That's what I would say, obviously lol

  • Probably really drunk, I know I text silly things when I'm drunk.

What Girls Said 2

  • do you still like him/want him back? do you want to be friends with him? or are you done with him and want nothing to do with him?if you still like him/want him back I'd respond as the person below suggested reply "purrrr ;)"if you want to be friend with him reply "what's all that about? lol" and start a conversationif you can't stand him just ignore him he's looking for your attention.

  • It was just a way to make conversation, making you take that rawwr however you thought he meant it will it be sexually or just funny. I suggest you reply with prrrrr ;) lol let's see what he says.

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