Would you save a girl's a life if she was an enemy of yours?

I personally think that if she was crying and begging me to save her, I will...i just can't resist see her suffering and going to die...some rare girls here are like my enemies, but if one day I saw that their going to die and I'm the only to save them, I will...even if she disrespected me again and went back like the past, I save her just for god and because she's a soul...even she hates me a lot...I'm not a stoned hearted guy, I may get angry but in dangerous times, if I'm asked for help...i will be there...for girls who will tell me that they want to die, do you think that I will listen to you, I will save you and than you can do what ever you want cause I will go away...but I will sleep with my mind comfortable at night, saving an enemy is something very important and being good with a bad ain't a trait in each person!what about you?


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  • I love that this question came up right after I corrected all of your answers on this site. What a coinkidink.

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  • Of course

  • I totally would. I couldn't see someone dying if there was a chance that their life could be saved, no matter who it is.

  • Yes, I would, and I'd do the same for a man that I hated.

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  • OH your that idiot who called a girl a prostitute aren't you?What the f*** is wrong with you?Anyway, I probably would just because. But I would try to save anybody from danger if I had to not just girls.

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    • You really are an idiot. You think I really care if you block me or not?That was a really dastardly thing to say to someone you don't know and if I catch you saying things again, you will be reported. You giant pussy!Have fun f***ing your hand for the rest of your life dumbass.

    • You've been reported!Just because I told you you're an idiot for calling her names doesn't mean I love her.And yes you are an idiot. Have fun f***ing your hand for the rest of your life.

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