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What to get my husband, a deployed Soldier, for Christmas?

Alright everyone, I need some help! I wanna send something my husband can put to good use over there. We can't do anything expensive, like a game... Show More

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  • Its hard to say, try to get him something from the heart would be my suggestion. Try to gear it towards things he likes, but something to really let him know you care about him and you're still here for him. Not to say that PSP games or movies is a bad idea, but its kind of generic. For example, maybe get a really nice photo album and put your pictures of the two of you together in it. My roommate while I was in Iraq got a digital picture frame from his Girlfriend that she loaded with pics and even was able to put music and voice recordings in it and I know it meant a lot to him. Any guy would love to get something like that from his lady. If you need anymore suggestions, just ask! Good luck!

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