What is the nicest thing a guy can say to you?

What would give you butterfles in your tummy if I were to say it to you.


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  • I wish he'd tell me I was his favorite girl, with his favorite kind of smile. I wish he would tell me there's some sort of beauty mark or birthmark that he loved because it was in a spot only he would see. I wish he'd whisper in my hear how much he loves my 'wit and charm,' which is really code for something else :PI wish he'd tell me he thought my thoughts were his favorite thoughts. I wish he would ask me to wear that outfit that he really likes. I wish there was something about me he loved because he was the only one who knew about it. I wish he would tell me what he'd like me to tell him, although if he told me it would make me saying it a little unoriginal...I basically wish that he loves me and little things about me.

    • oh sh*t true haha. I didn't know quite what it was but looked kind of like a bunny. =P a bunny with a happy face.

    • hahaha its a puppy :P

    • Hey that's are really cute bunny rabbit in your profile pic what's its name?

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  • you don;t know how wonderful and amazing my life is now that you are in my world cause you are my baby... I DIDN'T KNOW HOW GREAT LOVE CAN BE UNTIL I MET YOU <3

  • Your the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you more than you can imagine. Just being around you makes me the happiest person. Am such a lucky guy to have you all to myself. I never imagined ever feeling thing way about a girl , but you changed all that. I love all the little things you do to make me happy and I will forever be in your debt. Your smile gives off positive energy whenever I feel defeated , you make me want to become the best person I can be. I could spend a lifetime expressing how I feel about you but that isn't enough. The guy has to be sincere when saying the words ..the words should come from within not just what he heard other people say. I could continue with more words but I may never be able to finish saying what I want to say .

  • I always get butterflies when a guy says "sweet dreams." :) I don't like getting compliments, but they're okay as long as the guy is genuine and he doesn't overdo it.

    • Its really cute ^_^

    • Why yes it is! Thanks for noticing! ^_^

    • is that a pokemon on your profile pic?

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  • You're the best thing that ever happened to me and no one could ever take you're place.

    • Sorry I mean't to give you an up but got the wrong one

  • probably if he told me I was funny, cause I'm not funny but I would really like to be. other things are just way too cheesy

  • That I make him deliriously happy, and I'm the best thing that has ever happened to him. (Too bad he really doesn't feel this way about me.)

    • You make me deliriously happy and you are the best thing that happened to me.

    • aww hugs.

    • +1 for deliriously

  • Just to say that I'm perfect in his eyes

    • You've never seen me mate...

    • You're perfect in my eyes.

    • You can compare me to a bag of chips if it makes you happy

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What Guys Said 6

  • "Duh, you complete me." XD

  • After giving her the greatest sex and orgasm of her life..."How's it feel to know the guy that gives you that is totally and completely in love with you"? Wanna go again?

  • 'That I really like spending time with you, I like to look at your lovely eyes and long eyelashes and that smile on you face that never seems to go away, that I always feel happier when I'm around you and look forward to whenever we meet up or recive a text from youIt's not just that your pretty but I really like talking to you and hearing what you have to say, laughing at my jokes and telling me what's happened during your day, it makes me think that maybe your too good to me'

  • - Nice shoes, wanna f*ck?

  • Something that you came up with that has meaning behind it, not something that you stole from somebody to try and make a girl warm up to you.

    • Yeah, it's better if it's personal what you say between you and her

  • "Here's the keys to my Porscha. There's a case of money in the trunk. You seem like a nice guy. Oh yeah and you should probably pick up some insurance... next left, on the left. See ya bro, take care of her."

    • you can say Porscha, sounds cooler

    • porsche ;)