What is the nicest thing a guy can say to you?

What would give you butterfles in your tummy if I were to say it to you.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I wish he'd tell me I was his favorite girl, with his favorite kind of smile. I wish he would tell me there's some sort of beauty mark or birthmark that he loved because it was in a spot only he would see. I wish he'd whisper in my hear how much he loves my 'wit and charm,' which is really code for something else :P

    I wish he'd tell me he thought my thoughts were his favorite thoughts. I wish he would ask me to wear that outfit that he really likes. I wish there was something about me he loved because he was the only one who knew about it. I wish he would tell me what he'd like me to tell him, although if he told me it would make me saying it a little unoriginal...

    I basically wish that he loves me and little things about me.

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      Hey that's are really cute bunny rabbit in your profile pic what's its name?

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      hahaha its a puppy :P

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      oh sh*t true haha. I didn't know quite what it was but looked kind of like a bunny. =P a bunny with a happy face.