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Do I look unapproachable?

I've been told I'm interesting looking and exotic, I have big eyes and a nice body but I don't look like a typical hottie, I don't think, where you... Show More

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  • a pic would help but I'm sure your not unapproachable

    • I don't really want to put one up on this site lol, but I have long brown hair, brown eyes and olive skin and a slim body. My eyes are pretty big.

    • i'd say your fine :) Mr right just wasn't there that night. Don't worry

    • lol he's never there. I just wanted to have fun and talk to guys.

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What Guys Said 4

  • You would have to be super hot to not be approachable. Only way to tell is by photo.There is just no way to tell from a written discription.Also, it has a lot to do with attitude. If you seem friendly then you will be approached more. Just like you don't want to be rejected, neither do we. So if we notice an attractive girl, but she looks like she will be unfriendly well ignore her.I have a really hot friend that's never hit on. She's italian and just has kind of a mean look, even though she's really cool.

    • Im greek and russian. I've been told I don't really smile, but I try to. anyway, I don't think I was hotter than the girls I was with, except for people who might have a more exotic taste or something.. but seriously no one apporached me.

  • Do you smile at all? I can't smile for no reason, and I know it puts people off from so much as just talking to me.

    • I mean, I can't smile for no reason, Id look silly:/

    • That could be a lot of what's doing it. I mean, there are other things too like body language, if you look to make eye contact with, or if you're sitting in the corner of the room. But smiling is also a big reason that makes people seem distant from others.

  • You went out where? And being rejected is part of life. Don't be afraid of it. And also, guys are much more likely to approach you if you're by yourself. A pack is intimating.

    • I was by myself at one point, for like ten mins, looking after someones drink, lol.

    • i was at a gig with two girls.

What Girls Said 1

  • If just ego boosting to get replies of guys are too scared because you're pretty replies?How is anyone to know if you look unapproachable when you haven't described your behavior?Nope I never had that issue that whole guys don't approach hot girls is bs.I get approached by hot guys, rich guys, hot &rich guys from my social circle & dinosaurs (old guys) from random approaches.What do you do that makes you think you look unapproachable?Id like to know.I'm not joking.

    • I was being honest, there was always the chance some girl would take my honest question the wrong way and think I was fishing. this is not to do with ego, it has to do with understanding where guys are coming from. I wasn't saying its because 'im too hot' or whatever, I said it has to do with my behavior because I do think I'm goodlooking enough for guys to approach me, but I'm not wondering from you because obviously you get approached all the time. I mean, according to you anyway.

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    • @udolipixieIf a bitchface makes you look like you're pouting you're never going to look unapproachable.

    • hmm, thanks udolipixie, obviously you have more than one account.

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