Do I look unapproachable?

I've been told I'm interesting looking and exotic, I have big eyes and a nice body but I don't look like a typical hottie, I don't think, where you just look at her and she looks like the girls in magazines. I used to care heaps when I was little, I wanted to look like a barbie or something but now I thought I liked looking exotic and different. Then I went out a few nights ago for the first time in months, and I was really excited to go out, felt hot and everything, but then just no one approached me, and it made me just feel like sh*t! I can't go up to a guy, I'm too scared of being rejected, so how can I get guys to approach me? Sometimes when I go out with friends, I find that my typical looking friends, even if I don't think theyre amazingly hot, somehow guys make eye contact with them when they approach our group and just ignore me most of the time. So what I wanted to know was, do I look unaproachable or something? And girls, have you had a similar issue? Is there a resolve or answer to this!


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  • a pic would help but I'm sure your not unapproachable

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      I don't really want to put one up on this site lol, but I have long brown hair, brown eyes and olive skin and a slim body. My eyes are pretty big.

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      i'd say your fine :) Mr right just wasn't there that night. Don't worry

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      lol he's never there. I just wanted to have fun and talk to guys.