Girls: When do you think its time for a guy to give up on chasing the girl he likes?

Girls: When do you think its time for a guy to give up on chasing the girl he likes?

Guys: When do you stop chasing the girl you really like?


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  • When she doesn't respond.

    • doesn't respond to what?

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    • Like no emotions involved. She'll do her work & deal with you professionally but nothing more.

    • How can I tell if emotions are involved or not?

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  • When she says no or is not interested.

    Pathetic to see guys still chasing.

    It's not romantic just a way to show what you want is more important than what I want.

    I blame movies that show guys pursues despite protests and gets the girl.

    • You may be right in your point of view but I don't think "Pathetic" is the right word to use.

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    • Everyone in modern society is taught that men chase women. Women expect men to come to THEM.

    • @MrNameless
      Your response seems to be illogical extremes:
      I doubt you know what everyone in modern society is taught.
      I highly doubt you know what gals in general expect men to do.

      Either way your post doesn't really discredit my post as I would imagine those teachings that 'men chase women' also include what is considered creepy, harassment, unwanted, and stalking. I really imagine gals in general expect guy they desire to come to them.

  • When she sends him a court order to stay away. Or he finds someone else who is hotter like me to stalk :) .

  • When she's stopped making eye contact with him and starts to avoid him all together.

    She might still be polite, but she won't feel very comfortable in the company of a guy who won't leave her alone.

    • Yeh,makes sense.

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    • I guess I am...


    • I have added you as friend.

  • I've turned down a guy 4 times. I think by the 2nd time I turned him down, he should have realized, When I say no, it doesn't change.

  • There's never really a time limit because dependant upon the person and the situation, they might come around and they might disappear. No one can predict the future.

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  • When she reaches the city limits *poker face*