Girls: When do you think its time for a guy to give up on chasing the girl he likes?

Girls: When do you think its time for a guy to give up on chasing the girl he likes?

Guys: When do you stop chasing the girl you really like?


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  • When she doesn't respond.

    • doesn't respond to what?

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    • Like no emotions involved. She'll do her work & deal with you professionally but nothing more.

    • How can I tell if emotions are involved or not?

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  • When she says no or is not interested.

    Pathetic to see guys still chasing.

    It's not romantic just a way to show what you want is more important than what I want.

    I blame movies that show guys pursues despite protests and gets the girl.

    • You may be right in your point of view but I don't think "Pathetic" is the right word to use.

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    • Everyone in modern society is taught that men chase women. Women expect men to come to THEM.

    • @MrNameless
      Your response seems to be illogical extremes:
      I doubt you know what everyone in modern society is taught.
      I highly doubt you know what gals in general expect men to do.

      Either way your post doesn't really discredit my post as I would imagine those teachings that 'men chase women' also include what is considered creepy, harassment, unwanted, and stalking. I really imagine gals in general expect guy they desire to come to them.

  • When she sends him a court order to stay away. Or he finds someone else who is hotter like me to stalk :) .

  • When she's stopped making eye contact with him and starts to avoid him all together.

    She might still be polite, but she won't feel very comfortable in the company of a guy who won't leave her alone.

    • Yeh,makes sense.

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    • I guess I am...


    • I have added you as friend.

  • I've turned down a guy 4 times. I think by the 2nd time I turned him down, he should have realized, When I say no, it doesn't change.

  • There's never really a time limit because dependant upon the person and the situation, they might come around and they might disappear. No one can predict the future.

  • That's really a hard question to answer. I personally always have the feeling that as soon as I move on their going to find that they have feelings for me as well. But... You can't wait around forever, so when you start to feel hopeless, or people are bothering you about it, or if you're having doubts like I can guess you are at the moment, it would probably be time to let yourself move on.

    • Actually I don't have doubt now.I solved my problem by directly confronting her. She wanted to be just friends and I told her I don't want to be her friend or anything else.She should stay away from me.That's all it took to move on.

  • as soon as she starts hitting on another guy, in front of you. some girls can be real big jerks and don't realize what they make the other person go through when they do that. its better to just wait for her to tell you to stop bothering her or the whole flirting with another guy thing. but you can't automaticaly stop liking someone, it takes time. :)

    • Thanks for the answer. I confronted her and got my answer.Finally my head is clear.

    • well that's good. Glad you did :)

  • If you reached out and asked her to hang out at elast 2 times and she blew you off both times, that's your limit.

    • how can I tell if she is blowing me off ?

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  • When she reaches the city limits *poker face*