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Should I accept my boyfriend's money?

I have a situation that just seems strange to me. So I've been slumming big time. I just moved into my own place and just like that, work decides... Show More

Sigh. I dunno. Reading back over it, I think he must just be trying to find an arrangement that will make me happy.

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  • hellloo! he's jealous! he offered you a 5 to be insulting. sort of like ("here, I'll give you more money because that's all I'm good for to you") He wants to meet this guy so he knows he's not flirting with you, it is strange that you had no reason other than "he liked me back in the day so I don't want things to be awkward". Do you not care about your bf's feelings? Do you ecpect him to say "Oh that's understandable, I wouldn't want to be the awkward **** block for him, have a great time honey." Wheather this guy is trying to get back with you are not is not the point, it's strange that you want to meet up with him and won't let your boyfriend come along, what are you hiding?

    • lol Well I'm not hiding anything... I just know the guy and he's the shy, awkward type. I would rather just not hang out with him than make him feel uncomfortable.

    • but from you bf's perspective it looks like you have something to hide, him being an awkward person really isn't an excuse for your boyfriend not to meet him, your boyfriend should mean enough to you to be willing to suffer through an awkward moment. At least ask the guy you are meeting if he would feel confortable if you're boyfriend came along. If not, then wouldn't that guy seem like he's got questionable motives for "catching up" with you.

    • I agree with zenqueen!

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  • Your lucky to have a guy like that , I wouldn't do that sh*t for a girl .

  • if the guy loves you it's all for one and one for all. If he trusts you he would "let". (lack of a better phrase) go, and insist you take some money so you'll be covered. Inviting himself is wrong IMHO - it's your place to extend the invitation. Read my question posted and tell me how you would react as it's similar but on a much bigger level

What Girls Said 3

  • Girl, are you freakin serious right now? I totally agree with ZenQueen on everything she said. The world doesn't revolve around you. Your boyfriend is being a good boyfriend. You are totally out of line by going on a date with some other dude. My boyfriend would have knocked me out and complains all the time how he has to pay for everything. consider yourself luckly..shheechh

    • It wasn't a date. It was a very shy, nerdy friend who clams up around people he doesn't know. And if you're dating a guy who would knock you out, I think you've got bigger issues to deal with than this, hun.

    • Really? Thanks 4 the news flash sweetie. I was attempting 2 point out how not everyone has a kind and considerate boyfriend and that you should be more appreciative to him. Dang, you need 2 get humble girlie.

  • It seems like he's just trying to help you out.. you're putting too much into it.

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