Why would one have two Facebook accounts?

Is there any reason why a person would set up two Facebook accounts other than that of being unfaithful?

Most Helpful Girl

  • I actually have two Facebook accounts. It happened because Facebook decided that I was a hacker and blocked my other account from me, and I couldn't request a password change because when I did they never sent me a code :S Took me a month to get it back. In the meantime I made a new one. Some people added me that I didn't have on my original one, so I decided to keep it :S Kinda silly I know but I use my new one as a business one. That way if people I work with want to add me, they can on there. I don't go on that much there so it's not a big deal, they can't see my personal stuff :) Not that I post anything I would regret, but my original one is not in my real name :)

    I don't use it for cheating or anything, just keeping my image clean and giving me freedom to be me :D