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How do you make 200-300 Dollars in a month, like, without a job?

Any recommendations on where to find a quick job, or what? Because I need some money for something very important...

Like, what places hire fast? I have a lot of good stuff for a resume, but I dunno, Kroger, McDonalds, where would you Suggest?

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  • Most people here are going down sensible quick routes. I don't know but maybe you have a hobby that could be useful and pay. For example, enter a writing competition for a poem with a prize money of $300. Might work...

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  • Hmmm, I'm not sure I should be sharing my money-spinning secrets with you, but here you go...


  • You can donate plasma if there is a plasma bank in your town. I get $35 each time I donate, and I can donate up to twice a week.

    • he could also donate sperm :D

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    • oh wow! you get money for donating blood? totally unheard of! I've donated blood 4 and it's always for free lol.

    • It's different from donating blood. You're not donating your blood when you donate plasma. You're donating the plasma. You keep your blood.

  • ebay and babysitting. good money.

  • Selling uses textbooks on amazon

  • Be a prosititute.

  • look for something online where you can earn money.

  • You could try mystery shopping. It's great because you can take as many or as few jobs as you want.

  • You Could sell some stuff.

    You could...pick up garbage.

    you could make bets..and try to win them lol..

    idk...anything...really...am currently about to wait tables at a pizza place soon...idk try that lol.

  • what I do, is chores... yes I know CHORES. but I make at least 50 to 60 dollars a week. and by the way chores isn't a job, they are something your going to have to do whether you like it or not for the rest of your life. :P

    but if you need some serious money... like from what you say 200-300 dollars. you'll need to get a job.. like a literal job, working somewhere.

  • Selling coke, become a gigolo, buy Rx from Canada and then sell them illegally for double the price.

    Legal jobs, depends where you live. Fast food places usually hire fast, and grocery stores, minimum wage jobs like that.

  • Fast food or mowing lawns

  • hahah this is the most 'merican thing I've ever heard

  • like, without a job? sell your blood

    • grocery stores do

  • uuuum... get a job?

  • Sell your body.

    • Uh huh

  • Drugs...?

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  • I think someone mentioned trying to use a hobby or something you are skilled at. I teach drum lessons during the school year, I only work one day a week for around 3 hours and make around 500-800 a quarter( 9 weeks). You just gotta kind of look around for what is out there. For a while I went to this local auction and bought golf bags, I got them cheap there and then sold them on craigslist and made a pretty good profit. You need to be a self starter and be innovative, it's kind of like starting your own little business. I know there was a kid in our neighborhood who would put out your garbage cans, and take them back inside for people, if you think charging just $2 per house per week, there is at least 50 houses in my neighborhood, and I think most people would go for that. So that's 100 dollars a week for doing just a few hours of work 1 day a week.

  • for quick money without having to go through a whole hiring process, your best bet would be mow yards

  • Go around your house and find stuff you don't need and start a yard sale or go around and ask people if they would pay you to mow their lawn.

  • I'd rob a bank.

    • That might honestly be a viable solution.

  • you could do some serious training and become an assasign

  • If you looking for minimum wage, you will get in easy as long as you are confidant in your interview. I recommend finding a job that you work for the city, my first job for instance was at a library shelving books, did that for almost 2 years and it paid well 7.5 dollars an hour and was a very clean and quiet place to work, fast food is just too crappy for me lol.

  • mcdonalds with enough shift can make 300-400 in two week, around 40 hours in two weeks isn't that hard.

  • you can try a retail store. from my experience they hire fast and often (I work at one) but you're going to hate your job lol...

    my friend once worked as a telemarketer (he always called it "telesurvey"... haha). anyways he said they are always hiring because everyone is always quitting. there's a machine that automatically calls people and you have to give them a survey. you're going to hate it and people are going to hate you but if you only work there for a short while like my friend did, it probably won't be too bad.

  • Sells drugs bust cars mug people

    • I LOLed when I saw you were from California.

      You better not have been the guy that broke into my car last week!


    • I take the whole car not just the stereo jk

      You can borrow money from the mob

  • From the looks of it you're going to buy weed... joking, but the concept of MAKING 300 dollars would imply some need for a JOB (formal or informal). What you could do is go on craigslist and post that you're willing to mow lawns around your city and you could make it pretty quickly off that considering they will also compensate you for gas.

  • Mcdonalds. They hire anyone and you'll earn $380 in a full-time week.

  • Sell a kidney on the black market. Tell them you won't take anything less than $300.

  • Sell some stuff? Old bicycles, games consoles you don't use, an old TV set, stuff like that.

    • That's what I'm thinking about

  • link

    These guys have a suggestion.

    But in reality? I don't know if it's possible over there, but over here, you see some people driving around picking up peaces of metal and taking it to the scrap metal processor. You can get quite a bit of money from copper

  • Stocks that pay dividends?

    • You need a lot of money in the first place to get the dividend you want.

  • I suggest you borrow some money and buy and sell cars. That is if you have a DL and know a little about cars.

  • You could always become a webcam model

    • Didn't know there was much demand for underage and chubby,

    • Oh, didn't see the age, nvm

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