Girls with glasses are hotter than girls with braces. Agree?

Dont get me wrong, I love me some tinsel-toothed Tara's. But I think bespectacled girls take the cake.

  • Agree. four-eyes is cuter
    70% (21)69% (11)70% (32)Vote
  • Nah. I like metal against my tongue
    7% (2)12% (2)9% (4)Vote
  • Neither
    10% (3)19% (3)13% (6)Vote
  • Both or nothing
    13% (4)0% (0)8% (4)Vote
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Most Helpful Girl

  • What if she comes with both? A bonus?

    • i would ecstatically swoon if I see one

    • haha ;)

What Girls Said 12

  • totally,glasses give you the ''sexy teacher'' look,braces give you the ''ugly betty'' look,but some girls look pretty cute with them

  • Oh yeah, my nerd glasses are so awesome. Lol.

    • i'd have to say they are ;)

  • I agree. Not like I'm bias or anything, though... :D

  • argh, I had both a while ago.. glasses and braces = ugly betty. ew. but now my braces are off and it's just glasses (but I wear contacts now)...

    however.. in my opinion: none > glasses alone > braces along > both together

  • I had braces a few years ago and I have glasses now (I don't need to wear them all the time though, just for school really) and I would say I've gotten more positive attention with my glasses than I did when I had braces.

    • to whom this question is dedicated and inspired by. cheers

    • Aww lol I'm flattered:)

  • of course.

  • I still wear glasses...and never had braces.

    but I do think glasses are better than braces because braces sometimes can friends who had them hate them. Everyone with glasses doesn't usually complain.

  • yesssss, A is winning XD

    thanks for calling me a four-eyes >:O LOL

    • so you wear glasses too huh? hot.

    • LOL :D

  • Yep =) I got glasses not to long ago, although I only need them to read, watch TV and be on the computer. I've gotten more attention since I got my glasses, then I used to before I had them. I think guys with glasses are hotter than guys with braces too.

  • guys with glasses are hotter than guys with braces as well

    • Id have to disagree, because it all depends on the guy, but I think braces look better

  • Braces eventually come off. You usually need glasses forever.


What Guys Said 5

  • very strongly agree

  • It depends on the girl. It's a case by case basis. I would go against girl with braces because when I think of girls with braces, I think of 13-year-olds (and I'm!). Although I know there are adults with braces, so I guess you could have a woman with braces be as hot or hotter than a woman with glasses - hence the case by case basis.

    What if a girl had braces and glasses?

    • hot girl with braces+glasses= my type. but that's just me

  • Agreed.

  • I concur.

  • She has to have both to complete that sophisticated look.