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My boyfriend won't put his facebook status as in a relationship

i just got back with my ex, we have technically been together just over a year 1/2 but we broke up for 3 months but dated for 2 months of them and... Show More

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  • "he mentioned he doesn't want me or him looking like an idiot if we break up again?"

    There's you're reason right there. He probably just wants to wait until he feels like you guys are in a secure place again before he displays it for the world to see on Facebook. I know when I see couples breaking up and getting back together and breaking up on Facebook it makes me giggle a little. He did do a good thing by removing his relationship status altogether though. At least you know he's not doing it because he wants girls to think he's single.

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  • It is not a big issue if he don't change his status but if he change it so it would be great for you both,

    Idk why he can't change his status

What Girls Said 3

  • I believe since you'll have gotten back together he wants to take it slow and see what happens and when he is comfortable again he will change it, break up and coming back together changes people sometimes

  • I'm sorry but I kinda think he's up to something...There's probably another girl in the picture that he hasn't ended it with yet.

    • he could never do that. he was cheated on by his last 2gfs and it hurt him heaps. he's a trustworthy guy. :)

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