Worst thing about America?

What do you think is the worst thing about America? I have my reasons, but I'm curious about yours. Thanks



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  • how it's owned by the corporate elite courtesy of corrupt politicians. and where is the media at to tell us the truth, they're busy with the newest celebrity scandal -_-


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  • It's easy to pick out things that are bad/wrong or "the worst" about any country.

    The big ones :

    Its foreign policies are a big one.

    Its government in general.

    The military industrial complex.

    Two party political system.

    The day to day ones that make living there an unattractive prospect :

    The levels of acceptable pollution.

    The standard of education. (Anti-science, anti-intellectualism)

    The processed foodstuffs and diet in general. (Portion sizes...)

    The wages and working lifestyle. (2 weeks paid vacation as standard? No way.)

    The niggling little things that would just p*ss me off, but that's just me personally... :

    The advertising on TV.

    Sexual puritanism.

    Crappy beer.

    Rampant religiosity.


    But ultimately the thing I think that is worst about America? It's the constant attitude that says "We're number 1!"

    First, it's not true in a number of ways. And second, it's lazy. It says there's no room for improvement. And that's bullsh*t.

    American ingenuity is boundless, when it's working. But it has to get off its fat arse and do something first.

    The American work ethic is impressive as hell. But the people have to have something to work on.

    Whether it's going to the moon, or wiping out Polio, or smallpox, America is capable of doing anything it can put its collective mind and effort to. I don't think any problem is beyond its ability to solve.

    But they won't ever address and solve their own problems, if they refuse to believe they have any in the first place.

    Saying and believing the "We're number 1" mantra, is just one way to prevent the American people from solving their problems. Whether it's Chinas rising hegemony, global warming, dependence on oil and fossil fuels... etc.

    • ok I agree with the other stuff but we are not "anti science"

  • worst thing? republicans.

  • Narrow-minded patriotism is #1.

  • Idiots...total idiots. I love my country but it's full of idiots.

  • lol the worst thing? so negative, but probly our prison system o.O

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  • What do we have right?! So many things are messed up the list would be quite hard to assimilate. So, I will continue with my Hippee ways.

  • Our futile Congress.

  • The politicians are a**holes ... wait isn't that the case in most countries?

  • People who b*tch about living in a free country, but do nothing to help make changes that they are complaining about. If you do not like something, do something about it, not just sit around complaining about it. Although, you should be enjoying that freedom. Most people are not allowed to do this.

    So, if you don't like something, work for the change.

  • I'm probably biased, but from my point of view, it's the cost of education. America's got it completely backwards.

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