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Is a guy who can sing and dance a turn on for girls?

I can sing and dance pretty good..and I'm wonderin do girls find that attractive?

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  • I definitely think so! Sometimes guys overestimate their ability, however, which can be kind of awkward. But if you really have some skills, I wouldn't be shy about showing them off!

    I remember I went to a fraternity formal, and there was this couple who were absolutely AMAZING dancers. I mean, they looked as though they had practically choreographed this the night before or something. I was so envious, wishing that I could dance like that with him. Very sexy!

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  • I love a man that can sing and dance ;).

  • I can sing and act. I can't dance. Wish I knew how to dance. Only a double threat to people.

  • Yea chicks dig a dude who can sing them a love song and dance with them

  • Make sure you keep your eyes on her when you are singing to her though, so she doesn't reach around and pick your pocket.

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