Why doesn't he want to answer my questions?

So there is a guy...if I'm telling the truth I'm crushing on him somewhat! =D he's just so...weird! In the best sence. So Yeah he is always asking me questions like why I'm where I am things like that. Today he's like "random q, do you have a boyfriend?" and I'm like..."no...do you have a girl friend? just to throw it back at you" and he's like "i caught it" but didn't say yes or no. But he never answers any of the questions I ask him, like when I asked what his parents did he said "they were educated bureaucrats"! SO I don't get what is happening here. Is it that he has a girlfriend and doesn't want to say...and if so why? Or is he just being himself and not wanting to answer any question?

He also does this thing where he jsut watches me. And today when we were sitting together he was watching me talking to a friend and he said "enchanting"...what is going on. I kinda like him...so I would like to know if anyone has any suggestions for how to negotiate this...