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Why doesn't he want to answer my questions?

So there is a guy...if I'm telling the truth I'm crushing on him somewhat! =D he's just so...weird! In the best sence. So Yeah he is always asking me... Show More

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  • He is just playing being mysterious guy. That's just my opinion. Maybe when he asks something tell him that you will answer if he would. Make him answer first. It will be a little fight. Person like this more or less want's to know if you will put in the effort. So just go with it and maybe you will get a straight answer. But just an idea. Don't know if it'll work.

    • ...Why would he do that? yeah I was thnking I should try that. But man he's confusing! thanks for answering

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    • Effort? How does one put effort into something that is so stubborn? hmmmm yeah good plan! Ill try that next time I see him! =D

    • You just answer your question. Figuring out how is part of the effort. Be creative and find a way :)

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