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Why did he block me on Facebook?

Me and a guy friend had an argument. We were interested in dating each other but I told him never mind because I got sick of his flirting with other... Show More

To me there was no point in blocking me because I deleted him
He unblocked me 2 weeks later and sent me a friendly messege which led to us being friends again.

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  • The same reason you deleted him. You both are upset with each other, and when he saw that you deleted him he probably figured he didn't want to see you at all on Facebook. It's kind of stupid, the way Facebook has transformed the way friendships work...

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  • Re read what you just wrote - then give yourself best answer...

    • LMAO! Now that's hilarious!

    • I was LMAO too when I read it, lol

    • @UpdateWhat does it matter if he blocked you anyway? You deleted him - so he's moved on.

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