I'm SO Ugly In Pictures?

I'm not photogenic AT ALL. I still take pictures of course but I am VERY unattractive in pictures. I like the image in the mirror better lol

Anyone else not photogenic? Do you think you're more attractive when you look at yourself in the mirror?

Do you have any tips for taking good photos or becoming more photogenic? Especially for events like homecoming, winterball & prom?

Maybe I'm ugly in person lol but I like to think I'm not, so I won't

burst my bubble -_-

My yearbook photos came today and I look good though, so I'm happy with that


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  • I highly doubt you are ugly, or un-photogenic. You may just be your own worst enemy.

    Depends on how I feel. Pictures really capture my mood. For instance, hen I am overworked and tired, I will look crap in pictures. When a good photographer is taking pictures of me I can look cute. :)

    Any tips: Bright lights make flaws go away. So make sure you are somewhere lit well when taking a picture.

    You're GORGEOUS! If you want to convince others you have to convince yourself first.

    YAY for good yearbook pictures! XD

    • Definitely un-photogenic haha, possibly unattractive too, but hey, as I've said, I try to keep positive to some extent

    • Well, I hate when you say, "Definitely un-photogenic haha, possibly unattractive too" just so you know, it kind of gets under my skin. I think you should feel beautiful, know it, and flaunt it. =) But I am glad you stay optimistic. =D

    • Thanks for BA. =)

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  • Join the club. I hate how I look in photos too.

  • I look better in the mirror and I assume people see the 'mirror me' and not the 'photo me'

    I think it's how the camera does light and shadow and judges depth as my face always looks rounder in photos

  • I use to be better looking in pictures now I look hideous in everyone I take. The worst thing is the bathroom mirrows holy sh*t I look ugly lol.

  • Same here, wow I take some horrible pictures.

  • I think most people try to find flaws when looking at their pictures. Maybe you're looking into your flaws too much or something... *waits*

    • uh no

    • Alright, well then maybe you're just unattractive. *waits*

    • ok

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  • I'm so not photogenic either. I hate it, I always try to avoid pictures. There's tips and ways that can help your pic come out better (how you pose, etc). Its different for everyone, your best bet is to just experiment every picture with a different pose and see what comes out the best.

  • Same :( irl I have pretty decent skin and my cheeks and lips are a little more colored than the photos show...

    I think invisible finishing powder really makes my skin look more like it does irl >< Eyeliner and mascara also make me look SO much better in photos. Also, my hair and eye color match way too well... so my pictures are also pretty plain :P

    I really don't know, I'm pretty average so I'm not surprised I don't look that great in photos.

  • i wish I was the opposite

    i look better in pictures then in real life I believe lol , well you kind of have to know which angle is your best like for example mine is my left side , I feel like if I turn my face to the right and take a pic, my face looks too wide ohhh and I remember watching antm and tyra says "smile with your eyes" like I guess it looks fiercer ? lol

  • There are so many deleted profiles on this question! :D

  • yeah I look bad in most my pics

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