I'm SO Ugly In Pictures?

I'm not photogenic AT ALL. I still take pictures of course but I am VERY unattractive in pictures. I like the image in the mirror better lol Anyone... Show More

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  • I highly doubt you are ugly, or un-photogenic. You may just be your own worst enemy.

    Depends on how I feel. Pictures really capture my mood. For instance, hen I am overworked and tired, I will look crap in pictures. When a good photographer is taking pictures of me I can look cute. :)

    Any tips: Bright lights make flaws go away. So make sure you are somewhere lit well when taking a picture.

    You're GORGEOUS! If you want to convince others you have to convince yourself first.

    YAY for good yearbook pictures! XD

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    • Definitely un-photogenic haha, possibly unattractive too, but hey, as I've said, I try to keep positive to some extent

    • Well, I hate when you say, "Definitely un-photogenic haha, possibly unattractive too" just so you know, it kind of gets under my skin. I think you should feel beautiful, know it, and flaunt it. =) But I am glad you stay optimistic. =D

    • Thanks for BA. =)