If you could go back and relive any one year of your life, which would it be and why?

Say you could go back and relive the year you were 19, or 42 or whatever, which would you choose. Why?

I actually meant relive as in reexperience, not to be able to cause changes, but both work


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  • I would like to relive the year I was 14. it was my freshman year of high school which was tons of fun and it would be awesome to experience it again but...it was also the last year that my dad was alive, and there are things I would've done differently.

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  • I'd relive 17, just for the fun of it. It was a good year.

  • I would relive year 2009.

  • Year 1 so I could see what my biological father looks like. I've never met or seen him. Not even a picture =/ lol

  • I would relive 2010, and undo somethings..

    Talking about reexperience, I would like to relive year 2009 :)

  • If I could just relive it, I would probably stay here right now. Things have been alright, much better than last year, but not the best, although this is probably the most fun I've had my whole life. I've transferred schools and made great new friends and I wouldn't give them up for anything.

    As for if I could go back and change things, I'd like to think the one time I would actually act on my emotions, my feelings, would be last summer when my parents got divorced. If I did, I'd do a lot of things; If I actually was able to I'd tell people what I actually thought of them instead of still pretending that everything is fine, my emotions not on constant lock down like now. If I actually did I would not have gone through the depression and I wouldn't have to be the "care keeper" of my two siblings. I'd like to do a lot of things, but all in all, I probably wouldn't; I don't like to hurt people at my own satisfaction.

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  • 16, because I had a lot going for me that year (2006).

    It was my poor decisions during that period which ultimately lead to the epic fail years that followed.

  • Probably sixth grade because I feel like I missed some good opportunities in that grade.

  • 7th(Age 13) and 8th(Age 14) grade are tied for me. I can't decide which to choose. Really fun times back then. No responsibilities, being a smartass to teachers, being friends with everyone, etc.

  • I don't want to relive anything... I'm always thinking of the future, not the past, and I see the present as a means to get there. In other words my life is boring.

  • This year, because it's been the best year of my life.

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