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Doctor or Dentist, who will be a better boyfriend or husband?

Doctor Pros (1) Income $180,000 ~ $600,000 (2) devote his life for the advancement of modern medicine (3) devote his life to improve the... Show More

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  • Hmmm well out of those two I think I will choose the doctor because if you think about it; if someone were close by and were brutally hurt then it would better to have a doctor rather than a dentist. Though dental care is very important, a doctor seems to have higher benefits. Yes I know doctors are always busy but I know doctors with successful and loving marriages that are in great condition.

    • Thanks for BA.

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  • All I saw was blah blah blah blah blah blah.. Um I will pick the one who gets song with me lol

  • Doctor. Only for the reason that dentists have a higher suicide rating.

    • actually that's only a myth

    • Regardless, they do have a high suicide rate and that's just statistics

    • they both have a high suicide, infedelity, and divorce rate.

  • Doctor. Only

  • I'm pretty sure it depends on the type of doctor. they're not all overworked. this is way to over generalized.

  • i don't have to go through all this, one its too much and two the facts don't really matter. a doctor is always going to be on call. a denitist can be more flexible at spending time with his family. so I would probably prefer a dentist, but I myself want to become a dentist. in the end do what makes you happy because you will find someone who is willing to work with you and be flexible with you hours of working.does that make sense? I didn't know how to word it I'm kind of out of it because I'm sick :/

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  • Dentist seems a better lifestyle.Orthodontist is the nice. I read a while ago that the average u.s. orthodontist worked 30 hours a week for 400k/year.

    • yup, that's why I wrote 400k

  • Please tell me you're not basing a decision on which medical proffesion you should pursue on romantic prospects...

    • hahahano way

    • ah good. Regarding the income though... you are aware that doctors don't get that salary for several years, right? Not to mention paying off med school loans.

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