Doctor or Dentist, who will be a better boyfriend or husband?



(1) Income $180,000 ~ $600,000

(2) devote his life for the advancement of modern medicine

(3) devote his life to improve the well-being of people and community

(4) No need to worry about health and free life-time medical care

(5) No need to do house work

(6) No need to worry about money and can pursue the career of your dream

(7) social prestige

(8) children get the best private education possible

(9) a big house with a pool and a spa and three BMWs

(10) all women around you will be jealous of you


(1) Your boyfriend or hubby is overworked and may not have stable mentality

(2) not much time to spend together

(3) vacation only once a year

(4) Your boyfriend or hubby needs to leave for work at 3:00 am sometimes

(5) Other women working in hospital including nurses, physician assistants, and even female doctors readily seduce your husband and try to destroy your marriage



(1) Income $150,000 ~ $400,000

(2) devote his life to alleviate the pain of others

(3) you do not need to worry about your teeth

(4) no need to do housework

(5) can have your own career without worrying about money

(6) can spend a lot of time with your husband, pursue hobbies and activities together, and travel many times

(7) children receive the best private education possible

(8) a big house with 3 Japanese cars

(9) Most women around you will be jealous of you.


(1) Less academic prestige than doctors

(2) Less social prestige than doctors

(3) health care is not free besides dental care

(4) Less income than doctors

(5) Just as doctors, if your boyfriend or hubby works at hospital, women working there can seduce him to cheat on you.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Hmmm well out of those two I think I will choose the doctor because if you think about it; if someone were close by and were brutally hurt then it would better to have a doctor rather than a dentist. Though dental care is very important, a doctor seems to have higher benefits. Yes I know doctors are always busy but I know doctors with successful and loving marriages that are in great condition.

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