Why do men keep their ex's pictures?

My ex boyfriend told me last week he has a picture of me as the contact on his cell phone of a sexy picture. He said he likes it when I contact him because my picture comes up. He also told me he saved all my pictures ever sent to him including the sexy and naked pictures? Why do men keep pictures of their ex's and tell them about it?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Keeping the pictures itself isn't really that creepy, I think its just the telling people about it is.

    I do actually keep pictures of any girl I meet, even the ones I never dated! I'm talking portraits and faces here. If she gives me a picture, then I accept it.

    Its just something I do, I guess. I haven't really even thought about it. I certaintly don't have feelings for any of the women in those pictures I have collected.

    I also collect business cards, coins, anything someone has given me as a gift, and also much other useless stuff.

    There is nothing wrong with having a photo album, even the naked sort :) I think telling you about it is a bit lacking in class though.