Why do men keep their ex's pictures?

My ex boyfriend told me last week he has a picture of me as the contact on his cell phone of a sexy picture. He said he likes it when I contact him... Show More

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  • Keeping the pictures itself isn't really that creepy, I think its just the telling people about it is.

    I do actually keep pictures of any girl I meet, even the ones I never dated! I'm talking portraits and faces here. If she gives me a picture, then I accept it.

    Its just something I do, I guess. I haven't really even thought about it. I certaintly don't have feelings for any of the women in those pictures I have collected.

    I also collect business cards, coins, anything someone has given me as a gift, and also much other useless stuff.

    There is nothing wrong with having a photo album, even the naked sort :) I think telling you about it is a bit lacking in class though.