Why do certain religions "allow" men to beat their wives?

Not a troll question.

I'm doing a research paper for my sociology class. My professor gave us topics, one topic that caught my eye in particular were certain religions, specifically Muslim, are ALLOWED to beat their wives. I mean literally, with a rod, as a form of discipline.

I was absolutely baffled by this. I figured the topic would be interesting, but sheesh -_- its pretty freakin hard to swallow that people would beat their own wives into colts for silly things like not having the house cleaned, and not having intercourse with him, when he's in the mood.

I wanna see how you people feel about this...Is this really true, some type of conspiracy?


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  • Generally, (and this goes for most religious texts not just Muslim text-- so I will be generalizing) women are made to be the weaker person and they were made to be kept that way. Before governments and religions were founded, men ruled women. In several religions, women are basically the equivalent of cattle.

    The logic that made the practice of female subjection continue into the scriptures was the mere thought that although women play a certain role in a mans life, they are not as capable as men in establishing or creating their own lives.

    Of course, capability back then meant the ability to impose force on a person/group, which is something the average woman couldn't do because of our physical differences. In other words, force is a means of control to ensure that they are serving you. Is your dog acting up? Hit him and put him on a leash until he obeys. Is the bordering country bothering you? Pillage their village, take their wives and rape them.

    Today, parts of every scripture are becoming less and less relevant. Islam, specifically, does have empowering stories about women who were not subjected, about women who did great things. But this is all open to interpretation.

    Many people (especially in the western hemisphere) are learning that women are people, too. I know, what a shock :P Several do not believe that those parts of scripture were made to be taken into practice.

    In other words, women were commodities but are becoming less so.

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      How interesting it is, Kelly, that in my answer I say that modern society now consideres women people, whereas in yours you say modern society is only beginning to ;)

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      Haha, but they're such sad, faraway places

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      but they exist :p