What's that point with "keep calm and...." stuff?

I've seen a lot of these slogans and never got what they really mean.


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    it's a famous british worldwar II propaganda poster , to kind of ignore the war and keep on living their lives like they were before the war. The Nazi's should not be given the power to change the british lifestyle.

    nowadays it's just retro , and I guess it stands for having a relaxed view on life , and not worrying to much


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  • "Keep Calm and Carry On" was a promotional poster produced by the British government in 1939. They were only intended for use in the case of a foreign invasion. It was intended to be the third poster in a series of 3, but the backlash against the first poster was so intense that the entire series was scrapped.

    In England, copyright law states that any materials created by the Crown lose their copyright protected status after 50 years, so the slogan and the image logo are now public domain (meaning anyone can create products with them).

    The British, to my experience, do have the ability to not let what goes on around them to affect their sense of order and dignity. For example a few years ago there were a few terrorist bombings in London, I think, and I watched some of the interviews at the time on the BBC and the general attitude of the Londoners seemed to be "life goes on".

  • It's to do with the stiff upper lip. Back in the day, the British would pride themselves on 'just getting on with it', and not freaking out or having self absorbed emotional outbursts. Not so much now though, given American culture is all pervasive...

    Nowadays it's just a retro revival type thing. People will try and cash in on anything quaint.

  • I had no idea it went on in America, that's really odd. I always ranked it among the rest of Britain's desparate attempts to retain its waning culture, along with bad comedian's doing impression's of the royalty and the constant use of 'Great British' in front of everything from sausages to television.

    I bought a packet of mints, one day, and I opened it and it had stupid World War II british slogan things all over the inside. I threw the mints away, man.

  • Keep Calm and Chive On


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