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Missing a sock, where did it go?

Is there a secret dimension out there that only one sock disappears to when you do laundry?

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    • LOL!

    • Kids website, but I think it's so cute!

  • You are wearing it

    • You mean like 3 socks?

    • That depends which one is the longest :-P

  • I don't know about socks, but I don't I have a wormhole in my dresser. I'll loose a shirt and find it 2 years later in the back of my dresser. :l

    • Oops I do have a wormhole in my dresser :x

  • it's because people don't manually spin the washing machine after it's done to check if any other pieces of clothing is stuck to the machine.

    • 1/6 answers is sensible. this thread is doing well. :-P

    • haha

  • I'm hoping once we figure out string theory they will all reappear.

  • you should do what I do...and wear mismatched ones. it's way more fun. and it makes life simpler :D

  • You probably lost it

  • Last time I found my other sock it was under my bed!