Sleeping in the same bed?

so, talking to my boyfriend, I mentioned me and my friend sumtimes slept in the same bed wen we were teenagers. he was grossed out by this revelation, and is acting really cold towards me. Who's right do you think?


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  • If your friend is a guy then I'd say he's right. As teenagers, girl and guy friends shouldn't be sleeping together. However, I think it's a girl you're talking about. So then I'd say you're right! Wow I knew some really great friends (girls) in high school that when their best friends come over during weekend visits, they'd (2 girls to a queen or king size bed!) always sleep together. There's wasn't any hanky panky going on either because in a few cases they had boyfriends and were just really great straight girls. Nothing wrong with that.


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  • Is your friend a guy or a girl?

    • Oh, sorry, I should have said, she's a girl

    • Do you think he's homophobic?

    • Hmmm, I spose he is kinda, more bout guys tho, maybe ur right, thanx

  • It's no big deal that you guys slept in the same bed. I mean, I did it. I don't care. Neither does anyone else. It might be that his thoughts on the matter are religion based. Or he just thought you meant something else. Like you "slept together" in the same bed. He's probably just has the wrong imprestion.


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  • he needs to grow up simple as

  • I assume your friend was a guy, right? Otherwise this makes no sense at all. Even if it was a guy he's still having a pretty weird, immature kind of reaction. If you weren't with your boyfriend at the time, he really shouldn't care. It's only younger, inexperienced guys that care about crap like this. Which is part of the reason I'm glad I'm past that age.

  • If there was nothing going on between you too guy/ girl and you were kids than he should not be freaking out like that. Teenagers have sleep over it's a normal thing to do and sometimes you don't want your friend to sleep on the floor, a way to be hospitable. I have done it so what is the big deal? If it was a girl than he has some issues and I'm sure if your Parents allowed it, it's not that serious.

  • I still sleep in the same bed with my girl friends. I don't want to sleep on the floor and give up my bed for one, and another is that I don't want to be mean and let them sleep on the floor. If you are good friends, there is nothing wrong with it.

    He might think that you did stuff with them, but reassure him that you didn't.

  • well, it was in high school, right? so there's nothing either of you can do to change it even if you wanted to. girls go the bathroom together, that's more intimate than friends that are girls sleeping in the same bed, don't you think? maybe he doesn't understand girls very well. I wouldn't give it another thought if I were you.

  • I was having this conversation with my brother a couple of days ago. He said that it was weird when girls share the same bed. And I was like, "Why? it's the same thing as sleeping in a tent!" which it kinda is. You don't touch each other or anything you just sleep. So what's the big deal? I think it's because guys are usually less comfortable with each other than girls are. They think that just because they are a little close with another guy somebody's automatically gonna call them gay. Which isn't true. Anotherwords, he's either a homophobic or just scared to death of being called a homo. Which is why he doesn't understand it, he can't just think that maybe you just simply didn't want to sleep on the floor. That's just like some guys, blowing things completely out of proportion haha :D

    • Thanx 4 that, hehe, I rily think ur right

    • Your Welcome :))

  • youre right, he should be acting weird about it

    i would sort of understand if your friend was a guy, but then again I really don't think it matters whether it was a boy or not

  • Usually when I go over a my friend's house for a sleepover, I sleep in the same bed as they unless there's not enough room. I have done this with just about every "girl" friend I've had.

    I don't know what's wrong with it?

    Is it unacceptable etiquette for guys?