Why are some guys so cheap?

It has recently came to my attention that the guy I like is very cheap. Like he is in his mid-20's and doesn't even own any furniture, just a mattress. And he lives alone, which makes not having furniture all the more weird. This is a huge turn off to me. I don't mind a guy who is good at saving money, but a guy who doesn't even spend money on things he clearly needs is a bad deal.

Have you ever seen the episode of The Office where Michael is talking about bringing a girl home, but he is worried because he sleeps on a futon? I feel like that.


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  • I think if he really 'needed' that furniture he would have got it.

    You're the one who seems to want it even though you don't live there.

    Furniture is NOT a cheap item to buy, by the way. I would even understand that he doesn't want to spend about 200-400$ just to throw some money away (considering he lives fine the way it is now.)

    Otherwise, refer to Zombiefood's answer, her answer is clearer and better.

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      I have furniture at my house. I bought it, so I know how much furniture costs.

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      Great! It's dispensible and unnecessary unless you truly have a lot of spare money. a LOT of spare money.

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      I don't really have a lot of spare money...I guess I just have different priorities.