Where are girls the most ticklish?

Random but that's me.


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  • I'm ticklish just about everywhere... It's kinda funny cause my friends like to tickle me sometimes and it dosn't matter where they touch cause I will end up laughing and squirming uncontrollably. Other times its not so funny cause when I go to the doctors and they try to do some very basic test, like when they feel your stomach, I laugh and squirm untill they just give up... hope this helps tickle your funny bone.(which is not funny at all)

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  • you're asking a lot of questions!

    I'm very ticklish, but most ticklish in the waist area. Don't ask why, I'm just especially sensitive there.

    • Well I'm a curious guy I guess

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    • But it also killed the cat... I'm not really a cat person ;)

    • Good...jolly green giant cat person could be freaky.........

  • neck and feet

  • horse bites! lol. I think there are different names for it though. basically it's when you grip the sides of the upper leg when they're sitting down and squeeze with one hand. I fall out of my chair whenever my brother does that to me.

    also can't go wrong with sides and love handles. or her feet, especially the bottom!

    • Yes the bottoms of the feet work well on just about everyone since they contain many nerve endings

  • Where am I not ticklish would be an easier question to answer. To be honest, I'm ticklish everywhere. All you need to do is poke me and I start laughing uncontrollably.

  • sides and neck

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