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If a guy always looks and smiles at you, is he just being friendly or does he like me?

every time my coworker sees me, he always looks/stares at me. He always smiles at me and I smile back. We have only spoke on a few occasions. When we... Show More

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  • 'Do guys care if girls get their number from a mutual friend?'

    Yes, I would care. It's not so much that I distrust my friends, but rather I would prefer to give my contact info out personally when I know who the person is.

    • Me too.

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  • I'd rather she just ask me, but it wouldn't be a big deal.

  • yes I would care because I would wonder how did you get my number plus I would be a little creeped out.

  • I'd wait for him to get your number or ask for it.

    • I pulled out my phone in front of him and he still hasn't asked me for my number.

  • Yes I'd care... I'd block your number and avoid you like the plague and if you managed to get my number out of a friend then I'd probably drop them as a friend.

  • You don't know if he likes you? Hah... hahahaha. Of course he likes you.

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