How do I be more happy each day?

I seem that I have not found my self that happy lately! During the last school year (my first year at college) I became closer with some friends that are awesome and I love them, one is also a girl. One thing that sucks is at one point I had a huge crush or I really liked her at one point (during the small time she was single) and I am good friends with her boyfriend to, they have been going out for 4 years(with that break in between). I still feel at times that I like her more than a friend which is pointless. To my point of this question, that group of friends, her, boyfriend, and our other friend, is what kept me happy though the school year, and they are my main form of happiness. This summer my friend(the one that's a girl) is a camp counselor for a summer camp, and won't be able to talk to her much and see her only like a few times during the whole summer :(. But on the other side I can see my other friend anytime I want pretty much. And when I'm hanging out with any of them I am happy but when I am not around with them I don't know what goes wrong and I just don't feel happy. One thing that shouldn't make me mad, but kind of makes me feel crappy is when me and the other friend (T..) are just hanging out I see him textting the girl, and I feel like she always talks to him and doesn't talk to me unless I talk to her first. Like I said above she went to camp already well this week was staff training but after she will be at camp, but the last few days when me and (T) have been hanging out and He's been texting her, and I feel left out, I fell that she won't text me unless I text her, I did text her the other day, but she only sent like one text back...

I know this is just all stuff that probably isn't related to my point of the question but now I will get to it.

when I'm not hangout with them or anyone I am left to a lot of thinking, and my thoughts are does that girl really care about me if she doesn't text me, though of not having a girlfriend, and it just down my mood, I really don't know what to do, but when I'm with them I'm happy, but yeah I don't know how to maintain that happy feeling and stay happy, I know I'm not depressed but sometimes I just feel crappy and stuff! What can I do?


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  • listen to a song every morning that perks you up :)


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  • Find out what your emotional needs are, and find ways to fulfill them everyday.