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I never thought of him as more than a friend until a few months before I was suppose to move.

Me and this boy, I'll call him Roger. We had been best friends since the first day of frosh year I lived in California at the time and over the... Show More

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  • I think you should tell him how you feel it never hurts but also you have to think about what would happen to the friendship if yall got together and then broke up. Also long distance relationships are HARD but it is possible for them to work.

  • You could tell him ,he sounds like a nice guy and I'm sure that he will understand but he may not feel the same back and could you handle that and also:You need to think about your friendship and if you are happy to ruin/loose that. If you guys broke up then it would make things akward and you would loose a close friend.I know it's hard but the best thing to do is just stay good friends with him and move on and meet someone else. There are lots of other nice guys out there and you will meet someone else when you least expect it. Just spend time with friends and maybe join the gym to take your mind off things.I think it is best to think about what you really want and about what could happen if you tell him. Good luck with what ever you decide to do.

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