Young kids in adult movies?

With the recent horribly loss of the sweet 6 year old in CO, it made me really question, why do people keep bringing young children to movies that clearly they should not be seeing yet? There was even a baby there from what I understand... someone in these people's lives has to be willing to watch the kids for them or can't they just go at a time when someone can? I know when I was growing up, my brothers and I NEVER were allowed in any movie like this until we were 13 and of course we had our parents. I know the batman movies are dark, fans have to know this, I don't get why people would do this? Its not just batman, I see it all the time in more "Adult" type movies. they make family movies for a reason...

it just bothers me... don't get me wrong, I am horribly sad for this beautiful little girl and her family, especially with her mom not even knowing yet. my heart aches. I've just often wondered why and with her death, it got me thinking of it again.


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  • I agree with you 100%. My parents were the same I never went to movies like this especially late at night. Its called bad parenting. Some parents care more about themselves then there children. Since I'm a teacher I know this for a fact because I see it every day at work. The parents wanted to see the movie so they dragged there children alone with them. They did not care if there children should have been in bed long before that. I could not believe when the news said that little kids were at the movie at that hour. Parenting has gone done hill in the last 10 years from what I've seen especially because there are so many young parents these days who are just too young and stupid to have children.


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  • The baby would not have been watching. Just napping and being held whole parents got a rare outing.

    • Well obviously but why even bring the baby was my point. I am sure they could of found someone... or just gone another time.

  • I was watching R movies since I was about 5 years old. I turned out OK.

    • At theaters? I just don't get it, what's the point of the ratings then. I m not saying you can't be OK, they just should not be going to movies like that, or we should just banish all ratings then.

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    • Using the pamphlet as a door stopper on the locking mechanism, down the access stairs to the back entrance where a all my friends were waiting. Everyone would come in and then we would go to the movie we wanted to see. =P

    • We never really played by the rules lol. =D

  • When I saw Piranha 3D 2 summers ago. There were people in there that had there kids who were probably in the single Digit age. And that was probably the most violent movie I had ever seen. And had lots of spring Break Nudity. My guess is either they couldn't Hire a Babysitter. Or figured that kids are gonna be exposed to this stuff anyway throughout there life.


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  • Possibly lazy parents who can't be bothered to find a babysitter (or can't afford it).

    It could have happened in any movie, though. Some psycho could go off in Toy Story 3 for all we know.

    • again, not blaming this incident. I'm just saying, why people bring kids into movies they should not be seeing at their age? also why at midnight and other movies after 9 when they should be sleeping? this is what bothers me.

    • I think a lot of parents just stop giving a crap really fast... They become apathetic because it can be so exhausting to care about every little thing (especially about other people being annoyed by your kid). But I'm definitely not making excuses for it, because it's still immature and irresponsible.

  • I was the same way and feel the same way. I have friends who let their two year old watch the Pirates of The Carribean which I would never do. I personally don't think anybody should have their child out after a decent bedtime unless its an emergency that's just poor parenting kids need sleep for a reason. I also dislike babies in a theater. It's not that I don't like children I do but if I am going to shell out at least $15 for a movie and drink I wanna enjoy it not listen to a screaming baby who probably should be at home since it's 10pm.

    • Agree. Screaming babies/kids at movies drive me nuts! Good thing prices are too high for me these days, I skip on movies in theatres now

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    • Whete are you? Can almost afford that, be closer to $25-30 here in new york..i check the movies out of the library, free.

    • Near the south and I am not paying that much of my hard earned money for 90 min very often has to be something I really really wanna see

  • kids see enough bad things on TV, cartoons and video games along with school. those kids just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. unforseen things happen all the time. had nothing to do with the movie itself. certain parents will let their kids see things and certain parents will not.

    • i know but I didn't think you can even get into those movies under age w13 even with a parent

    • yes you can. as long as you have a person who is 18+ than anyone can get in.