What after-shave / body sprays, and cologne / perfume, do you use on an everyday-type basis?

Thinking analogously, I think of body sprays as casual clothes, and cologne as dressier clothes.

I usually use a body spray for the average day when I'm doing nothing eventful such as school / work.

I use cologne more for events such as family outings, dates, parties, weddings, holidays, bars/nightclubs, church, etc.


The body spray I usually use for everyday wear is "After Hours" by Old Spice. I don't user aftershave because of the special shaving cream the I use.

The colognes I usually like to use are Cuba (blue and red varieties) and Avatar (not based on the movie lol). I like these because they are decently uncommon, and I don't like to smell like everyone else when I'm going out. :-D


Which aftershaves / body sprays do you like to use? What colognes / perfumes do you like to use?


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