If a guy doesn't text you first does it mean he's not interested in you?

I like this guy we haven't spoken to a lot face to face. He always only texts me if I text him first,and we talk for quite long. (he knows I like him) he talks as if he is interested as well with a lot of smileys in most of his texts and by what he says.


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  • It depends. He may have gotten distracted or busy by something and forgot to text back. Also if you text him too muchh, it shows a sign of neediness. Or it could be that he's nervous. I mean by the way how he acts interested with all the smileys, it sounds like he might be interested. Idk.

  • Ha ha same with me! Except my crush always texts me first but I think the guy you like probably wants to see if your interested in him, or probably doesn't recognize how much you really like him...