A girl likes me, but I don't like her. HELP!

A girl is texting me on Facebook, I do respond nicely because I am a nice person. She keeps chatting with me and now a friend of her used her Facebook to say she liked me. I don't like her at all. How do I tell her that?


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  • Best thing is to tell her how it is now.. If she thinks that you like her as well because you always reply, then it will only get harder for you and her to let her know that you don't really like her.

    Its hard to say these things, but its the best thing to do. Don't let her waste time on you if you know that it won't get her anywhere.

    • Yeah I think she got it now, at least I hope so. Second time this happend to me, last time I only stopped talking and stop replaying.

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  • When you communicate with her keeps everything simple as possible and don't give her the idea that you're interested. Use short sentences and act like you're not really interested. She'll catch on that you don't seem to enthusiastic about talking to her and should let go. If she still seems persistent then ignore her.

  • You don't have to. It's not like she's asking you out or anything but if you still want her to know then just be a man and tell her. Or, you can ask your friend to tell her

  • i wouldn't bother saying anything to her. or make reference to another person that you're interested in or seeing.

  • You should tell her that you don't like her as soon as you can because it'll only get worse if you wait. If it was me, I'd surly want to know if I'm having false hopes, the earlier the better cause it wouldn't mean that much then. I think you know that you shouldn't just go and say "I don't like you"...Try sugercoating it and say you only see her as a friend. Any girl would understand what you mean but it still would be better than saying you don't like her directly..


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