Why hasn't he called?

He hasn't called me for three days, why? We have been dating for two months. You know how excited you both can get. He called me everyday, wishing me a good morning. We would see each other 3x a week. But now last time I hung out with him was a week ago on my birthday. And we haven't made any plans because he got sick and had family come from out of town. We haven't spoke for three days. I left him a message yesterday, and he hasn't called me yet!!! Whats going on?


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  • Since you've been dating for two months and he usually called everyday, I would suspect that he feels there is a solid foundation to the relationship communication wise. And that means a little break of a few days isn't fatal.

    Has anything bad happened? Any argument, any difference of opinion? With it having only been a little while, I think it's too soon to call it trouble.

    I know it's worrisome - especially as he used to call everyday, but I wouldn't sweat it yet. He could still call tonight.(:

    • Hey thanx! I heard from him. Found out his aunt has lugaric disease and she's in a very bad shape. He said everything is good between us, but said he needs time. Sure that's normal, I just don't know how much in time will I hear from him!

    • Hopefully it works out for you two. I don't know much about ALS, but I'm pretty sure it's nasty. It will be a tough time for the family. Hang in there.

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  • Either he's lost interest and maybe found somebody else, or he's started to learn 'the game'. I'm willing to bet it's the latter and he is probably playing hard to get. I used to be a 'nice guy' and call everyday, show my concern, listen, etc but I learned that women aren't attracted to that type of guy, and after I started being more confident and assertive my luck in the dating game changed drastically. He may very well have recently learned what I learned and maybe he's implementing the philosophy behind 'the game'. I can't really tell you any more without more info about the type of guy he is, etc. I hope the best for ya, Kyle

  • Chill out. He was sick, and his family was in town. That probably turned his life upside down, and he's just getting it back in order. Give him a day or two.

    If he hasn't called by then, send him a sweet text or a nice voice mail. If you still don't hear back, erase his number from your phone.

  • Girl you worry a lot. He probably is still sick or just too busy. Relax and give it some time


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  • Have you ever seen "He Just Not That Into U" not sayin he is just ya somethin to learn there'

  • he either wants to break up, confused, or sorry to say it but cheating on you. but don't assume until you can find out FORSURE.

  • I truly don't know why.

  • well you did post this 11 months ago lol

    i was wondering if you 2 are still together?

    like it would be 1 year and 1 month lol

    huh? are you still seeing him?