Should we live together after we get engaged?

I was thinking once my boyfriend and I get engaged which is going to be within 2 or 3 years that we should get a place and live together until our wedding. Has anyone done that? My friend is engaged and getting married in march and they have had a place since last year. I'm not ready to move in now since we both have to handle some bills before we can enter into living together. But I think when we are ready to start fresh and that at least being engaged is nice.


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  • I'm a little curious as to how you know that you will be engaged in 2 to 3 years?

    Besides that, to answer the question if engaged people should live together first, my response is yes! Having been there done that, I strongly suggest the couple to live together first. Also, it would be very wise to keep 3 bank accounts. One account for yourself, one account for himself and one account together for the house bills. Majority of fights start with money, this way, you keep your own money as does he and you have one joint account to take care of the house bills 50/50. So if he goes out and buys a new car with is money. You know what. Its his money you can't get mad! And if you decide to go out and buy new outfits. He can't get mad! Its your money!

    • He wants to pay off his car then we are going to get married. Plus I won't be done school until the end of this year and I want some job experience before I move up there. So we estimated between 2 or 3 years.

    • After reviewing the other comments I am changing my answer. Imsohood2008 was right in that the bible sees it as a sin to live together before marriage. There are ways to join each other life's together without actually living together before marriage.

    • Being engaged is def the next step towards marriage. I don't think its a big deal to be planning the wedding and getting everything in order finances, moving and feeling comfortable by getting our own place. You know when youve met the one, its just right


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  • I saw all wise live with them before you marry them for at least a year cause when you date some one there are things they do that you will have no idea they do not that they hide it its just they do it in private that could relay drive you nuts. So I say live with him first work ou tall the kinks then get married.

  • Yep, is a great idea because dating is one thing, living with that person is another.


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  • That's a long time off. I think it takes the excitement of getting married away. I would not move in with someone because I get engaged. I would wait.