Which is your favorite Quentin Tarantino movie and why?

Try to explain why you like it and why you picked it over the others as well

  • Vote A Resevoir Dogs
  • Vote B Pulp Fiction
  • Vote C Kill Bill
  • Vote D Inglorious Basterds
  • Vote E Other/See Results
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  • kill bill. I thought the story was more 'complete.' And it had a hint of mysticism to it, which I also like. And great action.

    Reservoir dogs might have been a pick, but it's just so old-school. There were too many 'dry spells' with nothing happening, it seemed. They were short, mind, but still present. Same with pulp fiction.

    One interesting thing about pulp fiction, though: the wolf was a completely unnecessary character, and his role was written very carefully such that his uselessness was, in fact, complete. He did nothing while he 'helped' the two of them resolve their problem. He instructed them to do things, but they are the ones who actually did it. He gave the guy money for the blankets and such, but it was later revealed that Jules had ~30k in his pocket at the time that he willingly parted with anyway. He didn't even give them a ride back to their houses. He did nothing at all. Kind of neat.

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      Yeah, even though I really like Pulp Fiction there were some drawn out and uninteresting scenes in it

      I never knew that about the Wolf

      I really liked the dialogue between characters in Reservoir and Pulp,

      but I can't really remember feeling the same with the dialogue in Kill Bill

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      yeah, not faulting it

      it was just done well in his previous movies

      another question if you don't mind, I always found it offputting when I saw Quentin playing a role in his movies, did it bother you as well?

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      not really. I wrote it off as just a 'quirk' of his - not an ego thing or whatever, more like a signature. But to be fair, I didn't know what he looked like until someone pointed him out to me.