Would you use mind games to get someone to fall in love with you?

few days ago my boyfriend revealed that he used mind games to get me to fall for him. He said that men do not get "hot women" by being nice because everyone crawls up attractive women's ass trying to be overly nice to them.

He also said that's why he did not comment on my looks and that's why he wasn't overly nice, he just acted like a friend because he knew I would get bored and turn away and apparently "hot" girls needs to be tamed.

I think this shows a bad side of him, what do you guys think


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  • I think your boyfriend is right. I've tried all sorts of methods on attractive girls, and being overly nice or complementing them on their looks generally led nowhere. Pretending not to care too much works. If a girl is hot and she knows it, worshiping her or being overly nice will blow up in your face. Hot girls do need to be tamed more often than not. I speak from experience. The hot girl doesn't think this in her mind, but she doesn't respond in real life to guys being nice. A guy that is nice to a hot girl basically just triggers her emotions to think he's only with her because of the looks. If you don't fawn over her hotness, she'll be more likely to take to your advances and chase you back. The very fact that your boyfriend won you over is proof of that, as are the hot girls I've dated as well. Sorry, but you do need a bit of taming. You're not like a normal woman.

    • u know guys said this to me years ago and I said no that's rubbish but it actually worked. I really hate when guys are overly nice, there was this guy before my boyfriend, kept buying me flowers and asking me out and stuff and it annoyed me he was just trying too hard. When I started talking to my boyfriend he was more like a friend and talked to me like I am a guy friend

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    • well, we learn something everyday :). LOL

    • Yup, you do.


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  • I don't personally believe in it but, you also can't ignore the fact that, apparently, it worked on you didn't it?

    • you dot know how it wouldve been of he had been honest/ genuine. she may have liked him more. sooner.

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    • If you ask me, it raises a red flag for him and also you. You're gonna have to re-evaluate what kind of guy you are with, but you also need to re-evaluate what kind of girl YOU are for this kind of immature high school sh*t to work on you.

    • true

  • You can only get someone to hate you that way, or at best to confuse.

  • I don't think that shows a bad side to him. That is the way to get some pretty women. If a guy truly has that nonchalant personality then it is even more effective.


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  • i don't think not being overly nice is a game. it is appropriate when you are just getting to know them to not be up their ass. he I presuposing kiss ass is a normal state of being and he deviated from i. he just saying you intimidated him. he using mind games to give himself the illusion of power you scared him that's all. he's implying you're his bitch because he fears oure desirability to other men.

    i definitely think this is not a good side of him. but if he is really bigoted in this way. you must have noticed other negative behavior patterns.or its not important to u. I can't imagine he doesn't act like an a**hole in other ways. to hold that kind of philosophy on women requires a prickish disposition.

    • well he does a**hole ish ways that gets under my skin like his jealousy and his need to control me. To be honest though, I would normally walk away but gosh, these men are in terrible conditions. I don't what is going on. lot's of perverts who are into unusual sexual acts I am not into. weird attitudes, needy, creepy, I prefer to stick with him. but yes he has douche tendencies