Was it inconsiderate of acquaintance to confess his crush?

I work with this guy 4 days a week - 8 hours a day. He's a great guy and we really get along. I sensed that he was interested and I made it clear in our casual conversations that I wasn't interested in a relationship, hoping that he'd get the hint. Then one day, he confesses that he likes me. I turned him down nicely. He was a great buddy. (The following week, I've been acting normal as if nothing happened.)

Question is: I'm thinking it was a bit inconsiderate of him to do this. Luckily, I'm able to be normal but if it ended up being awkward, he'd have made my job really uncomfortable. As I said, I work with him all day for 4 days a weeks. I value my job. Good on him for being honest - but at the risk of potentially making the job awkward for me?

Or am I being insensitive?

Funny how it's the female answerers who think I'm being a b**** and attention-whore. You're being rather harsh, ladies.

On the other hand, you guys have definitely been more helpful. Thanks guys.


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  • I feel as though you handled it the appropriate way, but I don't think he was being inconsiderate. Men can be a little dense, and he was probably hoping that if he told you how he felt you would change your mind about a relationship. I don't think I can fault either one of you, if that makes sense. He has the right to admit how he feels, just as you have the right to turn him down. Sometimes getting something like that off your chest is necessary to starting a friendship.

    I have a friend that I liked a lot, admitted it to him, he said he didn't like me that way, I was silently devastated for a bit, but I wasn't shy around him anymore, got to know him better, and realized that although we are great friends we would have been terrible in a relationship together.

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      Thanks for BA! Hope you guys are doing ok

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      No probs! We're as friendly as ever...and I think I'm starting to fall for him.

      Well, we'll see what happens.

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      Best of luck :)