Arrested over a Facebook post.

Two women were arrested over a Facebook post. A college student in India posted a controversial status update on Fb, and her friend clicked the "Like" button.

The status criticized the shutdown of India's financial hub for the funeral of a powerful Hindu politician.

What do you guys think about this? Have you ever posted something controversial without even thinking about it? Sometimes we forget the freedoms we have in our country. :)


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  • I am from india and heard that in know system is so much corrupted over here that Government using all the laws in their favour...we are living in democratic country and our constitution has 7 fundamental rights and among them one right is "right to speech" don't know why Government is forgetting these 7 basic roots...if you are from india then you must ve heard of Aseem(The cartoonist) case recently...i think this one also falls under same category...(Youth is slowly filling up with rage and a day will come when this rage will turn in to volcano and with its lava the whole current system will turn in to ashes...and a new system will be established on base of humanity)

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      And I thought things here were corrupt. Best of luck to you, man.