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I want our relationship to work, what can I do about this?

I want our relationship to work this guy would do anything for me to the extent I feel that he's too clingy. I like him but I don't love him, he... Show More

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  • Hes not clingy. He's probably really into you. he's probably tried the give her space thing, and its probably back fired on him were the girl would take off. So he's probably trying to make sure that that doesn't happen again..Talk to him calmly. He is really into you if he asks about you and speaks to you daily. If he is giving you space. Just know that he's doing it for you, and you shouldn't take advantage of it. aka "oh he's there so I won't text him". Don't do that, because ull probably upset him even more. But if you think of him, and wanna say hi, make sure you do it.If you really like him, and I'm sure you do because your making a post about this. Then I suggest you send him a nice light text today basically putting him back at easy that you will most likely speak to him again.

    • One more thing, you should be happy he's always there for you. That's how you know he will never leave. Unless you tell him to ofcourse.

    • my family suddenly moved and he told me he doesn't believe in distant relationship. I think its for the best.Thank you so much for your answer :)

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  • Sounds like your already in your own head. If you've only been dating a week and your already having 2nd thoughts its going to be really hard to make it work.

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